A or left arrow -> Circle

W or up arrow -> Square

D or right arrow -> Triangle

Space -> Action (Jump with Square and become small with Circle)

Tip: Use the Triangle to destroy wooden box, the Square to jump, and the circle to pass small passages.



David Suárez Martín

Joaquín Yeray Martín de la Nuez


Ciro Matas Reyes


Alberto Suárez Llobet


By the year 2030, the Earth is heading to the mineral resources depletion. In the USA, Olson Corporation is leading the scientific researches to create new materials and electronic devices with less components. After 10 years of development, doctor Matt Olson, the director of the company and one of the most famous physicists of the world have created a new material that will revolutionize the whole technological industry. This invention is called Infinitum, a mix of graphene and an advanced AI it's capable to transform into different shapes and change his own properties. However, Doctor Olson made a huge mistake, his own creation was conscious and able to understand his existence. The first day that Olson Corp team switched on Infinitum, it run away to reach freedom.

Music: Eric Skiff

Install instructions

Only download one version, unzip, and execute Infinitum.exe


Infinitum 64 bits v2 54 MB
Infinitum 32 bits v2 55 MB
Mac OS 35 MB
Linux 32 and 64 bits (PlayWindowed) 34 MB

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